A songwriter for years now, Andrea René’ tunes are given to her by the Lord, prophetically through dreams. Known as a prophet psalmist, her songs are on display with tracks like "Count It As Done," "Who Do I Run To," and her instrumental EP, Soul Oasis. They will also be on display in her upcoming vocal project, What I Believe, dropping in Spring 2023. Her songs span from soaring inspirational power ballads to uptempo praise songs to solemn worship tunes to straight-to-Sunday morning choir jams. A strong propensity to sprinkle classical elements in her music, she also composes orchestral arrangements, arranging and writing for a number of different instruments. With an extensive body of work - and many songs of varying stages of development - she will be promoting her music to other artists, choirs, and additional avenues through her music publishing company, Butterfly Praise Publishing (BMI).