Since she was a kid, Andrea René has been a lover and observer of music. Since studying classical piano at the age of seven, she has been intrigued with music theory, the components of music and the elements to a great song. As the Project Manager of the Washington, DC Chapter of the Recording Academy (also known as the GRAMMY Awards), she was in charge of the Producer, Non-Classical Craft Committee. During these meetings, GRAMMY Award-winning producers would meet at a local recording studio and decide on the nominees in this coveted GRAMMY Awards category. During her years of facilitating the committee, she learned a lot about production and what good producers do and don't do - from the best in the business.

Receiving fully orchestrated and produced songs in her dreams, naturally, she wanted to be able to capture those songs (as she heard them) and bring them to life herself. Between her desire to bring heavenly melodies to earth and her experience with producers, she ultimately moved into the role of producer herself. Along with producing her own music, she writes, composes, arranges, plays and engineers all her tracks. She has taken music production and engineering classes at Berklee College of Music and has become well-versed in Pro Tools. A 2019 graduate of the renowned Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Business, she plans to continue her education there working towards her Master's Degree in Music Production. All of Andrea’s upcoming releases will be produced and engineered by her production company, Soul Oasis Music Productions, with some tracks co-produced, mixed and mastered by other producers and engineers. The first released production out of the gate from Soul Oasis Music Productions was an instrumental EP, Soul Oasis: The Instrumentals, a project designed to soothe the mind and calm the spirit.